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RAI has an extensive library of video case studies and trainings that we use in our work with clients. Our recommendations are divided into those produced commercially and those produced by the organization itself, intended for internal use and to inform others of their efforts. We have listed separately the videos produced by RAI clients. They can provide insight into RAI's scope of practice.

For more information about any of these videos, please contact RAI. All videos are available either online, or in RAI's media library (DVD).

Videos produced by RAI clients

  • "Performance Through Collaboration," Counties Manukau DHB, June 2013, 1:49:00.
  • "Creating High Performance Workplaces," New Zealand Public Service Association, June. 2012, 7:22.
  • "Getting to Thumbs Up," Kaise Permanente, July 2012, 4 min., 52 sec.
  • "The Power of Partnership: The Genesis," Kaiser Permanente, remake March 2004, 16:03.
  • " LMP Road to Results," Kaiser Permanente, March 2004
    Part One (4 vignettes), 11:00.
    Part Two (4 vignettes), 12:06.
  • "Kaiser Permanente Coalition of KP Unions, News Briefing - National Agreement, Washington, DC " Kaiser Permanente, Sept. 26, 2000.
  • "Common Issues Bargaining," Kaiser Permanente, Sept. 2000, 10:22.
  • "The Kaiser Permanente Story," A Video Documentary, 22 minutes.
  • " Baldwin Park Blitz," Kaiser Permanente, 1998, 9:00.
  • "Hunt Wesson and UFCW," Hunt Wesson, 1995, 9:00.
  • "Joint Governance at Wisconsin Electric Power Company," Wisconsin Electric, 1996, 15:00.
  • Shaping the Future: Bell Canada," Bell Canada, 1994, 18:00.

Commercially-produced video case studies
These videos focus on the mechanics of labor-management cooperation. They have an understanding of the role of unions seldom found in business "training" videos. The video, "Topeka Pride," for example, is about the pioneering high performance organization driven by self-managed work groups, although it is a non-union facility. RAI's library contains these films in DVD format.

  • "The Power of Participation: The Story of L-S Electrogalvanizing Co. & Local Union 9123," 26:00.
  • "Pay For Skills: L-S Electrogalvanizing," 1994, 25:00.
  • " Topeka Pride: 20 Years of Excellence," 31:00.
  • "Supervisor to Coach: Former Supervisors Talk About the Transition," 1993, 15:00.
  • "Everybody Leads: Team Members Talk about Self Management," 1991, 28:00.
  • "A Team Leader's Day: Empowerment and Self-Management in an Employee-Designed Workplace," (McNeil Labs Consumer Products) 1990, 35:00.

Merrimack Films

  • "Working Together: Saturn and the UAW," 1992, 31:16.
  • "Partners: Bethlehem Steel and the United Autoworkers," 35:50.

Enterprise Media

  • "The Excellence Files: Southwest Airlines," 1997, 18:00.

Non-commercial video case studies
These videos were produced by the parties involved in these labor-management partnerships. While the first two offer straightforward descriptions of successful partnerships, the third, "Actions Speak Louder Than Words," is actually an effort to undermine and discredit an effort at employee involvement started by the United Parcel Service without the support of the Teamsters. RAI has used this video as a starting point for discussion in organizations in which union members are divided or ambivalent about partnerships.

  • "An Innovative Partnership Between Labor and Management: IAM and Bath Iron Works," 24:00.
  • "Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union/Public Service Commission: Building the Foundation," 27:00.
  • "Actions Speak Louder than Words," International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 1995, 22:00.

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