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RAI consultants have found these readings to make the most valuable contributions to our own learning and have used them in our training and development programs for internal facilitators employed by our clients.

  • McAlevey, Jane. Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement. W.W. Norton & Company, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-84467-885-3)

Drawing from her years of experience as a labor organizer, author Jane McAlevey examines different organzing campaigns and explores mistakes and successes of unions in the last decade. RAI's role in a cooperative restructuring effort by SEIU and management of a large healthcare system is discussed briefly as well. To purchase, please visit the publisher's website HERE.

  • Pfeffer, Jeffrey, The Human Equation, Building Profits By Putting People First, Harvard Business School Press, 1998 (ISBN 0-875-84841-9)

Pfeffer calls for "uncommon sense" in urging organizations to act on the unassailable correlation between good "people practices" and profits. He provides strong business cases to illustrate that the way a business manages its human resources is the most enduring competitive advantage.

  • Schwarz, Roger, The Skilled Facilitator, Practical Wisdom for Developing Effective Groups, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994 (ISBN 1-555-42638-7)

RAI consultants have found that strong internal facilitation resources are an important ingredient in successful labor-management partnerships. We believe Schwarz has written the best book combining the theory and practice of facilitation.

  • Blinder, Alan, editor, Paying for Productivity, A Look at the Evidence, The Brookings Institution, 1998 (ISBN 0-815-70999-4)

Blinder marshalls the evidence provided by leading economists and organizational theorists to make the case that alternative forms of compensation do result in improved productivity and are a crucial component in sustainable high performance companies.

  • Ury, William, Getting Disputes Resolved, Designing Systems to Cut the Costs of Conflict , Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1988 (ISBN 1-55542-125-3)

RAI believes that strong, workable issue resolution systems are essential to successful labor-management partnerships. This book is the classic in its field, the basis for the training in the "interest-based" problem-solving model that RAI consultants provide to its clients.

  • Fisher, Kimball, Leading Self-Directed Teams, A Guide to Developing New Team Leadership Skills, McGraw-Hill, 1993 (ISBN 0-070-21071-3)

Fisher's book includes a strong "how-to" element in both starting and sustaining self-directed work teams, providing good advice on how to handle the common problems faced as these teams develop and mature.

  • Kochan, Thomas, The Transformation of American Industrial Relations, 1994 (ISBN 0-465-08697-7)

This is the best explanation, both as a historical narrative and an analysis of data, of the changes in labor-management relations, particularly collective bargaining, over the past thirty years. Kochan writes with a sensitivity to the needs and views of labor not commonly found in such works, but does not shy away from advocating new approaches and methods to industrial relations.

  • Lawler, Edward E. III, High-Involvement Management, Jossey-Bass, 1987 (ISBN 0-875-89686-3)
  • Lawler, Edward E. III, The Ultimate Advantage, Creating the High-Involvement Organization, Jossey-Bass, 1992 (ISBN 1-555-42414-7)

The many works of Edward Lawler and his colleagues at the University of Southern California capture much of the theoretical foundation for RAI's consulting practice. Lawler has a strong grasp of organizational theory, particularly open systems thinking. He also adds impressive research to support his belief in the effectiveness of comprehensive, integrated organizational change practices.

  • Pasmore, William A., Creating Strategic Change, Designing the Flexible, High-Performing Organization, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1994 (ISBN 0-471-59729-5)
  • Lytle, William, Designing a High-Performance Organization: A Guide to the Whole-Systems Approach, Block, Petrella, Weisbord, Inc., 1998 (ISBN 1-891449-00-1)

In these two highly complementary books Pasmore provides a highly readable account of socio-technical systems design, while Lytle offers very practical applications, full of checklists, reminders, and admonitions to help organizational change practitioners organize and manage their efforts.

  • Collins, James C. and Porras, Jerry, I., Built to Last, Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, 1994 (ISBN 0-88730-739-6)
Collins and Porras have written a classic study of "visionary companies," full of historical insight. The study's greatest importance is its emphasis on the need for strong organizational values that are acted on and not merely professed. RAI considers itself to be a "value-based" organization, and uses this book to support our own beliefs and practices, as well as to commend them to our clients.

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