Performance = People

Why Our Clients Choose RAI

RAI has a unique approach to resolving complex challenges. We facilitate a process rather than dictate a solution.

Knowing that employees, union leaders, and management will only act on that which they help create, RAI includes all of these segments as part of the process to build enduring, high-performance organizations. Or collaborative approach focuses unions, employees, and management on achieving results by developing an understanding of the business, clear values, a comprehensive strategy, and specific performance outcomes and targets. In sharp contrast to management consulting firms with cookie-cutter approaches to client problems, RAI tailors carefully designed solutions that take into account the specific nuances of a situation. This ability to innovate and adapt our approach has yielded unique and successful solutions for our clients for decades.

RAI is a trusted name, with a long and successful track record harnessing the power of employees to facilitate positive and sustained change.

RAI has been serving clients in a broad cross-section of industries for 24 years and has a larger base of experts in labor/management relations than any other similar organization. For more than a decade, RAI has been a lead consultant to Kaiser Permanente, the nation's largest health maintenance organization, and the eight international unions and 26 locals that form the AFL-CIO Coalition of Kaiser Permanente unions. During the partnership, RAI helped Kaiser Permanente design, facilitate and implement the largest labor/management partnership in U.S. history. RAI has also worked with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and its two unions to launch and manage a new strategic labor management relationship in order to help turn the company into the leading utility in the nation, with improved service that is delivered more cost-effectively. These examples illustrate RAI's vast scope of services and demonstrate how they allow the company to tackle anything from contract negotiation and dispute resolution to skills training to the design and implementation of innovative management and work systems.

RAI is extremely responsive and sensitive to client needs.

RAI understands that resolving complex organizational challenges can be time-consuming and unpredictable. We know that access to our consultants i paramount and pride ourselves in being available at a moment's notice. Because of the nature of our work, RAI receives confidential information from many parties. While ensuring a transparent process, we take confidentiality very seriously Clients enjoy working with RAI not only because of the company's unique expertise, but also because we place an emphasis on respect, camaraderie and trust. As a neutral party with an emphasis on helping both unions and management develop and implement change, integrity is at our core. We take pride in the confidence placed in us by our clients, and in our ability to facilitate a problem-solving, non-adversarial approach to collective bargaining that produces better outcomes for all parties.

This conscious "niche" arises from the way we apply our unique set of skills and experiences together with our approach and methodology for engaging stakeholders in implementing sustainable solutions to specific problems, issues, and challenges. If you have a performance problem within your organization in which people are essential to solving the problem, contact us.

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