Performance = People

Philosophy and Approach
RAI is the only company with the specialized experience necessary to design and implement processes that allow unionized organizations to achieve unprecedented labor/management collaboration and performance improvement. Below are statements about our philosophy and approach.

Our Performance=People Philosophy
The performance of any organization depends on the people of that organization. Enterprises as diverse as healthcare, electronics, airlines, food processing, utilities, higher education, and government prove this time and time again. Yet many organizations continue to put their energy and resources into short-term strategies that discount and ultimately alienate their employees.

High performance hinges on a motivated, engaged and committed workforce. Long-term business success depends on effective people management. RAI has more than 30 years of experience helping organizations adapt and change so that values, processes, systems and structures are aligned, enabling the organization and its members to achieve their objectives. Our goal is to assist clients in becoming high performing, more competitive, and better places to work.

Our Performance=People Approach
Our high-involvement, collaborative approach focuses unions, employees, and management on achieving results by developing for the entire organization a comprehensive strategy, clear values, and understanding of the business, and specific performance outcomes and targets for the business and its people.

We Instill Systems Thinking.
Organizations are systems that consist of a number of interrelated parts. This means that changing or failing to change one part of the system will impact each of the other parts. Creating comprehensive and lasting change requires a fresh examination of the entire work system unconstrained by traditional barriers and practices and a redesign of the entire system. Limited change efforts produce limited results.

We Lead Self-Design and Internalization.
People are most committed to those solutions over which they feel ownership. Therefore, the change efforts and redesign must be undertaken by the organization members themselves. RAI does not supply the answers. We help our clients, management and union together, find their own answers, and develop strategies that:

  • Ensure the early establishment of a shared understanding of the need for change and a shared interest in performance improvement
  • Optimize the engagement of all stakeholders variously through direct involvement, consultation, and open communication
  • Internalize the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain the changes long after the constituents have left

For any change to be successful, everyone in the organization must:

  • Have an understanding of why change is necessary
  • Have an understanding of what the change will look like (and be able to picture themselves in that future)
  • Develop the necessary skills and tools to make and sustain the change
  • Have an opportunity to be involved in the change
  • Have an incentive to change

The start point for all change is understanding, and understanding comes from education and analysis. RAI therefore begins a change process with leadership education that includes an examination of business trends, current performance, future challenges, benchmarking, and high performance organizations. RAI helps stakeholders then define critical capabilities necessary to compete successfully and set performance objectives. With RAI's assistance, people working in the organization then analyze the operations and work systems, develop recommendations for redesigning the organization and its processes, and develop plans for implementing and sustaining the changes.

We Build a Solid Foundation for Change.
A strong foundation is required to support substantive change. The cornerstone of this foundation is the ability of the parties to successfully address core issues that affect performance and organizational change. The use of innovative/non-traditional yet structured approaches to defining and solving problems, resolving day-to-day conflicts and negotiating agreements refocuses relationships toward producing results and eliminating the causes of problems.

We Establish a Clearly Defined Role for the Consultant.
Each organization is unique. Following an initial assessment of an organization and its environment, our consultants work with clients to best match our expertise with their needs.

RAI plays two roles: 1)lead the effort through implementation and 2)provide expert counseling. A fundamental tenet in all of our work is that ownership remains with those responsible for implementing the outcomes. We provide clients with an analytical framework, with information, and with a process and support they need, while ensuring that ownership of solutions resides within the organization. RAI helps its clients find the right answers-and flags the problematic ones. We also offer continuing support during the ongoing implementation of agreed reforms - the most difficult and least understood aspect of change - and leverage our experience in progressively transferring capabilities to our clients through this whole process.

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